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This Privacy and Policy was last updated on October, 2020.


This Privacy Policy outlines how ADONNFLY and its associated agencies secure the privacy of your personal details. This policy extends to our blogs, advertising, electronic messages, log-in accounts and all other services provided by us. We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal details.

You consent to this Privacy Agreement on how we treat your private information by supplying us with your personally identifiable information (or allowing another person to do it on your behalf). If you do not comply with any aspect of this Privacy Policy, you must not supply us with your personal details as a consequence of which we would not be able continue providing you with our services.


Personal information is information from which a person may be known, or an opinion, comprising information or an opinion, whether real or false, or whether it can fairly be ascertained, on the basis of information or opinion. 


Your confidential information is gathered directly from you when you communicate to us by phone, e-mail or when you visit our website and fill out a form relevant to your travel enquiry, newsletter, reviews, surveys or other goods and services.

Under certain cases, where a third party makes travel plans on your behalf, it becomes important for us to gather your records. We presume that this is done by your permission. Inform us promptly if you know that this data has been sent to us without your prior permission. 


We gather all the information you need to make your travel booking simpler, such as your name, phone number, e-mail address, home address, mailing address, credit card details, passport details, dietary criteria information and health problems you face (if any) or any other information relevant to your travel process.

In such cases, such as when you send comments, engage in a survey or take part in a competition, we will collect your personal information. 

In rare cases, we can collect your personal information that is deemed to be confidential. We're just going to obtain it with your permission.


The primary objective of gathering your personal details is to assist you with your travel plans or some other related operation. However, the conditions as disclosed in the policy can vary.

We can use your details to remind you about ongoing promotions (related to ADONNFLY and its other bodies) via e-mail, but you might also opt out at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe connection. We can also use the knowledge for market research, pattern tracking, customer loyalty assessment and reviews, accounting and other legal purposes. 

If demanded by a government or law enforcement authority for whatever reason, we should need to reveal your personal information.


Those grounds may include: deception or civil action against someone who may be causing, or who may be attempting to interfere with, or damage to, our rights or property, whether deliberately or otherwise, or who may be affected by, such actions, including violation of the law.

If you reject cookies, you will always have access to our website, but you may have restricted access to certain parts of our website. We can use other technologies to gather information about your habits and interest to provide you with personalized advertisements based on your interests.


We provide a safe environment for the online authorization of credit card purchases. Client's private information, such as credit card numbers, is encrypted as soon as it is sent from the client's browser to the banking network.

Client's credit card numbers are not kept anywhere on the Internet, and only the merchant's bank has access to this information. Bank also sends verification information back to the client's browser using the same encryption technology.

We periodically check our security and encryption solutions and ensure that your sensitive information is secured in a secure environment.


We may update our Privacy Policies time to time. We reserve the right to change our Policy at any point of time and for any possible reason. All the changes will be posted on our website. does not have any guarantee of the facilities offered by any of its constituent partners. In the case of a breakdown of such programmes, the only source of liability shall be the defaulting supplier. shall not be held responsible for any error, omission, harm, loss, crash, harm, deviation, non-performance, irregularity or any effect thereof that may be caused by incompetence, default or any other act or inaction of any airline. Your sole way of getting a refund is from the carrier or creditor who covers those defaults, if any, or from a third party that is liable if any loss is caused solely by If the retailer continues to fulfill the service you have signed into, you are eligible to civil redress, as allowed by legislation or by statute, where the actual service provider is based.